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                                                                   Work Order Traveler Software Screen

Visual Inventory Control Software supports a Work Order Traveler that tracks work progress of an assembly including time tracking.
A software user may create a template of work operations that is needed to be tracked for an assembly.
An optional sign-off template may also be applied to the Work Order Traveler for tracking of proper authorized inspections.
If time tracking is set ON in the Software configuration then each operation will require a Start and Stop process.
An unlimited comment can be entered for each operation.This is usefull for clarification of operation details.
Single Inventory items may be requisitioned to the Work Order traveler.This allows tracking of items used to repair an assembly
There are several uses for a Work Order Traveler which include time tracking through the assembly process , locating where
an assembly is in the construction process , repairs made to an item and verification of processes required by federal agencies.
The Work Order Traveler can also include the completion of an optional FAA8130 form for Aeronautical applications.