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Dynamic Inventory Software | Manufacturing Control

An Inventory Solution that is 100 % Picture and Barcode Driven.

Visual Inventory Software provides dynamic control of your warehouse. Users have picture verification of every item on every transaction. Bin labels with Item photo and barcode that match the pick ticket ensure accurate orders. Manufacturing BOMs detail the items with both barcodes and photos. From basic inventory management to complex manufacturing, Visual Inventory Software addresses the needs in many industries including Electronics, Machine Shops, Mechanical Assembly, Clothing, Food, Aeronautical, Medical and Hotel Maintenance.
Barcode Requisition     Barcode Readers     Picture Driven     Different Inventory

   Organized Stockroom part bins

You will Never find a more Intuitive Bill of Material Manufacturing System anywhere.

  * Multiple Inventory Warehouse Support.
  * Receive Single Purchase Order into Multiple Warehouses.
  * Serialized Inventory Support.
  * Bill of material Management Option with Multi-Level BOM.
  * Manufacturing Engineering Change Order (ECO) Tracking.
  * Detailed Purchase Order history report.
  * Email Purchase Orders Directly fo Suppliers.
  * Quick Books Accounting Software Interface.
  * Return Material Authorization (RMA) Logging.
  * Work Order Traveler with Time Tracking.
  * Spanish Language Support.

With all the Inventory Software Packages on the market it is important to remember that the software needs
to be easy to use. Inventory management needs to do its job without the additional cost of managing complicated software. Your employees need to spend their time managing inventory, not managing
software. Quick dynamic access to the most common inventory movements and transactions make the software easy to control and lowers cost.


Powerfull Inventory Item Lookup Screen                                Advanced Features Include
 Support for Wireless, Serial and Wedge type Barcode Readers.
User Friendly Barcode Issue Control Screen.
100% Picture Driven (All Screens will Display a Picture).
    Powerful Inventory Lookup Screen.
Prints Stock Labels to a Dymo Barcode or Standard Printer.
Auto Create all Purchase Orders for Top Level Assembly.
Create a Backorder for an Inventory Item.
Database can be placed on a network to support multi-users.
Engineering Change Order Screen for Revision Control.
Automatic Tax Calculation for each Supplier.
Visual verification of every part sets this inventory package apart from the competition. Each transaction line includes a picture of the part. Users may find, or be working with, the wrong part number, but these errors are quickly corrected when the picture does not match. The powerful search engine in Visual Inventory Control Software enables users to quickly find the right part and correct part number errors in seconds with dynamic control.

Once your engineering department sees this
manufacturing software in action you will look no further.
It makes creating a dynamic Bill of Materials
twice as fast with half the effort.

   Software Features :
          Detailed Purchase Order history report with output to Screen , Printer or Excel File
          Optional Speed Purchase Screen with Web driven UPC Barcode Lookup
          Create a Request for Quote (RFQ) and with one button, process it to a Purchase Order.
          Create a Proposal and with one button, process it to a Sales Order.
          NEW!  Configurable E-Commerce Shopping Cart Add-On   Try It.       Learn More    
          Create a Build Order against any Assembly and the Software will Generate all the Purchase Orders.
          Email Purchase Orders directly to suppliers.
          Manufacturing Part Number Cross Reference.



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